Helsinki’s libraries, museums and centres for sports, culture and youth activities gradually resume operations

The City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division has begun preparations to start reopening its services, in accordance with recent government decisions to ease coronavirus restrictions. The country’s…

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The exhibition State of Mind – Helsinki 1939–1945 opens a new perspective on wartime Helsinki

A co-production by Helsinki City Museum and HAM Helsinki Art Museum curated by writer Anna Kortelainen, State of Mind – Helsinki 1939–1945 opens a completely new perspective on wartime…

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Admission free day

Fri 28.8.2020
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Where did the Three Smiths go?

How would you feel if the Three Smiths statue was missing from Helsinki city centre? The State of Mind – Helsinki 1939–1945 exhibition, curated by author Anna Kortelainen, PhD, opens…

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Café Huvila

Stop for snacks, lunch or coffee at the idyllic café on the English-style courtyard of the Hakasalmi Villa.

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